About Us


The FAMOUS LED business was established in 2010 before registeration of FLYING FAMOUS FAMILIES Co.,Ltd. The company was established in 2013. The LED business started to do the work. LED signboards and decorated by LED lighting and electronics. The production and LED signboard decoration are selling to all over divisions and states in Myanmar country.

We attemped to do the FAMOUS LED business is one of the participant to development and modernizations of Our Country by LED electronics. Other wise, all youth in Myanmar to get the opportunity of work and progressive.

So that when we started to production and Decoration of LED signboard business and do service to others that are Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Sport, Ministry of Mining, Government Organizations, Myanmar Investment Commision, Yangon City Development Committee, Ministry of Railway Transportation, Myanma Gems enterprise, State Administrative Department and Economic.

Under the controled of FLYING FAMOUS FAMILIES Co.,Ltd. business are -

(1) LED decoration

(2) Higher LED Lighting signboard

(3) Digital video (Advertisement)